FireEye Flare REM

A few weeks back the FireEye team released their version of a REM box called “Flare”. A customizable vm for analyzing malware. Has a full suite of tools installed from:

* OllyDbg + OllyDump + OllyDumpEx
* OllyDbg2 + OllyDumpEx
* x64dbg
* WinDbg

Disassemblers ====

* IDA Free
* Binary Ninja Demo

Java ====

Visual Basic ====
* VBDecompiler

Flash ====
* FFDec

.NET ====
* ILSpy
* DNSpy
* DotPeek
* De4dot

Office ====
* Offvis

Hex Editors ====
* FileInsight
* HxD
* 010 Editor read more

Cuckoo Sandbox Installation and Setup

My Cuckoo Sandbox Setup and installation guide.

This is my attempt to help install and configure Cuckoo Sandbox. Cuckoo is a sandbox which allows you to analyze Malware on a systems from Windows to Linux and even OSX! This is a great tool to see what a file/url or hash will do when detonated in any environment. Open-Sourced but was a bit confusing setting up so thought this might help.

I am running Cuckoo Sandbox on Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 LTS using VirtualBox.

Installation of Ubuntu will follows as any normal installation. Installing CuckooSandbox is a different story. read more